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institute^ glenn: hello, america. for every action, there is an equal reaction, and we used to call it a consequence but we don't talk about that anymore. republicans who promised americans all kinds of things are sitting on the fence now scratching their heads. we will get into that. first, republican, democrat, does it even matter? i don't know. two, does anyone see through all the lies? and this is the biggest one, should the economists start to build an ark? if you believe this country is great but it is time to crash both parties, stand up! come on! follow me. yes, hello, america. there is a lot on our plate today. a lot of people are going to say, oh, gee, he is an anarchist. no, no. i will vote for either party that actually gets the concept of what we used to call consequences. republicans really don't get this. they're playing i don't know what kind of game right now, but they better wake up. they have, for years, been saying, oh, no i am a foot soldier of this guy, yeah, and then they gave us people like this, which i don't see a lot of. one of these is not li
foundation, dedicated to promoting fisca responbility and addressing key economic challenges fang america's future. and ditional funding is ovided by the following supporters -- >>> hello and od evening. i'm daljit dhaliwa we begin tonight with the latest chapr in the unfolding story of afghanistan. prident hamid rzai is going to see a second term. th became official today after his rival withdraw from a runoff due to te place this coming weekend. at is far from certain is whethe karzai can become the effective leader tthe united stat hopes for and needs in afghanistan. can he rid the country of corruption? can he raise an army capable one day of taking overrom the united stes? these a all key questions as prident obama plans the next phase of u.s. involvemenin afghanistan. in our lead focus, the afan election a bend, we start in kabul with al zeera english o found the issue of fraud remas an undercurrent. reporter: just a dayfter dr. abdullah's withdwal from the race, hamid karzai is declared winner of afghistan's presidenal election. >> translato we decla mr. hamid karzai who gothe majo
in america and around the grob. later, blood diamonds. campaigners say human rights abuses in zimbab we mean it should be kicked out of international gem markets. a booming oil business in texas and melting glaciers in the himalayas. two sides of the climate change debate. >> hello to ending weeks of uncertain, hamid karzai is declared the winner of afghanistan's election. with his only rival out of the race, the runoff triggered by first-round fraud has been abandoned but leaves a mess of questions unanswered. president obama has spoken to president karzai isaiah about corruption and about writing a new cheapter. the latest from washington in a moment. first this from kabul. >> it's cost millions of pounds and dozens of lives to get to this moment and it came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of kabul. >> we declare that mr. hamid karzai, which got the majority of votes in the first round and he is the only candidate for the second round of elections for afghanistan in 2009, be declared the elected president of afghanistan. >> the heads of the election board was besieged with questio
! >> couric: steve hartman risks his hering in tonight's "assignment america". >> you may want to hold your ears. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. it's the kind of news we've waited a long time to hear. two industries hit hard by the recession are finally showing signs of rebounding. today the government reported construction spending rose by .8% in september, powered by the largest jump in home building in more than six years. and ford has made a u-turn, announcing today that it earned a third quarter profit of nearly a billion dollars. national correspondent dean reynolds reports on a rare occurrence of late: a detroit success story. >> reporter: it's been 51 months since ford last made money selling cars in this country, so today's numbers were reason for company executives to crow a little. >> consumers are really seeing the value in our products and we're seeing that in our revenue. >> reporter: ford, which avoided the bankruptcy that befell chrysler and g.m. gained market share and made money around the gl
) in america we don't just dream when we sleep- we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up- that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. >>> a tragic family tonight, when a child died at his home. jay korff has details. >> authorities say it appears as though this little boy somehow got entangled in a draperecord and died. -- drapery cord and died. >> it is a tragedy, a horrible tragedy. >> there is the kind of quiet that only comes with profound sorrow. a 2-year-old boy died after getting his head caught in a cord. >> is an accidental death. >> they believe it happened when he was playing in the look at -- it is an accidental death. >> there were people there, so this is not a case of neglect or abuse. it appears to be just a real tragedy for this trial. >> neighbors say the child was a joy to be around. >> he would just say, "
. welcome to bbc world news. forecasting to viewers in america and around the globe. my name is mike hembley. >> blood diamonds -- human rights abuses in zimbabwe mean it should be kicked out of international gem markets. >> a booming oil business in texas and melting glasses in the him lay yeas. we'll be looking at two sides of the climate change debate. >> hello -- ending weeks of uncertainty, hamid karzai has been declared the winner of afghanistan's presidential election. with his only rival out of the race -- has been abandoned but it leaves mr. karzai even weaker than before and a mass of questions unanswered. president obama has phoned him and warned him that corruption must be tackled. the latest from washington in just a moment. first the bbc's ian panel from kabul. >> it's cost millions of pounds and dozens of lives to get to this moment. and it came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of call bull. >> we declare that mr. hamid karzai has gotten the majority of votes i the first round and he is the only candidate for the second round of elections of afghanistan in 2009, be dec
prize is the future. some say america can't win. that we've had our time. but here's what they don't understand: it's not america that will run this race... it's americans. 300 million of us. free to compete... free to out-work, out-think, out-dream anyone, anywhere. free enterprise. it's how we unleash the power of 300 million individual economies. washington may help in times of trouble... but free enterprise is what america is counting on to grow our economy for the long-term. our challenge: create 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. and your dreams make the difference. the race for the future starts now. join it. because america's here to win. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. >>> by the end of the day we could have a new world series champ. the yankees hosted the phillies for game four. in the bottom of the 8th pedro hits a homer to tie the game at four. with two outs in the top of the ninth a-rod comes through with the rbi double. yankees win 7-4. they have a three-games to one series lead. >>> wild finish too in the am 500 in talladega. newman spins out
will start off asking your reaction to comments by columnist who asks, could america go broke? the number -- host: you can reach us at twitter, c-spanwj is how you can do that. and you can e-mail us, it and if you have called any of the c-span program in the last 30 days give someone else a chance. first, a look at the legislative business of the week. health care legislation gets teed up in the house. the front-page headline of "roll call." they write getting to the vote will require leaders to hurtle hangups over abortion and immigration language, moderates gripes on the overall cost of the bill, liberal demands for symbolic votes and their preferred provisions. also an unknown are re of parochial concerns. writing about the legislation coming up. host: that sent "will call." we will talk about this week and next week -- but our question this morning is more broadly on spending, based on a column that "could america go broke?" he writes this morning that the idea of a major advance country would default on its debt -- host: we will get more comments from this column
to viewers in america and arou the globe. my ne is me hembl. >> bloodiamonds -- human rights abus inzimbabwe mean should beicked out of internatiol gem markets. >> a booming oil busiss in texas andelting glasses inhe him lay yea we'll be looking at two sides of the climate chang debate. >> hello -- ending wes of unceainty, hamid karzai has been declared the winner of afghanistan's presidential ection. with h only rival out of the race -- has been abaoned but it leaves mr. karzaieven weaker than before and a mass of questions unanswered. president obama has phod him and warne him that corruption must be tkled. the latestrom washington in just aoment. first the bbc's ian pal from kabul. >> it's cost mllions of punds and dozens of livesto get to th moment. and i came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of call bu. >> we declare that mr. hamid kari has gotten the majority votes in t first round and he is the only candidate for the cond roun of elecons of afghanian in 2009, be declar as elected pesident of afgnistan. >> the head of the election board was -- with questns about fraud, crruptio
>>> breaking newews in america. >> deadly blast. pakistan's battle witit the taliban turns bloodier overnight with another suicide bombing. are u.s.fforts in the region enough? >> campaign mode. the president on the stump over e weekend as democrats struggle to hold on to important posts in tomorrow's elections. >>> and o o the verge. the yankeeses are just one game away from another world series title. >> it is monday, novememr 2nd, 2009. >>> good morning, i'm jeremy huhuard. thanks for joining us on this monday. we begin with a developing story in pakistan. >>> dozens of people have been killed by a s scide bomb blast in the city of rawalpindi. the bomber detonated a bank crowded with customers. >> the suspect was apparently a member of the taliban. our habibulikhan was at the scene. >> they've been taken to the hospitals and security is generally tight in this area but people have said it's very difficult to stop them. >> nearly 300 have died over the past few weeks in similar bomb attacks. the pakistani government announced rewards of up to $5 million for information leading to
future of the new program and of nasa's mission itself is in serious question. >> it is time for america to take the next accepts. >> reporter: when president bush proposed america's return to the moon, nasa designed the constellation program to get us will by 2015. the huge ares rockets are a throw back to the days of apollo and engineered to be much safer than the shuttle, which is slated to be retired next year. but the money needed was never appropriated, and the constellation budget has actually been cut by $15 billion in the past four years. whatever the budget, the commission says constellation won't be ready until at least 2017, seven years after the shuttle retireses. and that means to get to the international space station, mostly funded by u.s. taxpayers, america will have to pay russia $50 million a seat to hitch rides on soyuz spacecrafts. for many, it's a troubling reality check. the nation that celebrated the courage of john glenn and alan shepard and then and youed the world with its one small step may be in danger of seating it supremacy in space. >> are we into to go pr
credit. >> it was a special afternoon, a who's who in america -- in maryland politics. >> [unintelligible] >> william donald schaefer was having none 88th birthday on like any other. -- was having an 88 per day unlike any other -- was having an 88th birthday unlike any other. >> we are here to pay tribute and the excitement to our most beloved president. yes, you, sir, william donald schaefer. [applause] ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love >> but the whole time, through the choir and bands and speeches, the man known most for his words stayed silent. >> 3, 2, 1, here it is. >> that is. everyone thought it was over. with the aisles empty, william donald schaefer took the podium. >> i could say something sentimental, but i will not today. this is a special day, not only for me, but for everyone who had just a small part or a large part or a tremendous part in building the inner harbor and building the city, building the neighborhoods all around us, and i think how lucky we are. i started hearing a long time ago. a family to take two more minutes because i saw somebody yawn. [laughter
. a loan provider, cit in america, has gone bust. >> is one of the largest bankruptcy in u.s. corporate history. yesterday they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they have about 1 million customers. they long to small and medium- sized businesses. we will see a big impact on the financial markets off the back of this bankruptcy. the financial crisis has been unable to fund itself. one of the big losers will turn out to be the u.s. government. the u.s. government provided $two 0.3 billion to cit under the trouble as a relief program. it is the first real example of a loss from the top program. the idea now -- it goes into chapter 11. it allows it to write off billions in debt. >> from bankruptcy to profit. ryanair is making money. >> an airline that many seem to love to hate. it is europe's largest airline. it made a profit in the past six months. it is up 80%. the ceo says the number of someone distorted because a solid 42% drop in fuel because of the oil prices. 70% lower were the air fares. air fares will be a further 20% lower. they think it will make a lot in the next six
>>> good morning, america, on this monday, november 2nd. it's election time again. two big governors' races that have democrats concerned while republicans fight with each other over one seat. is it all a referendum on president obama? >>> massive meat recall. more than 500,000 pounds of beef pulled from store shelves after one dies and more fall ill. what you need to look out for. >>> deadly stunt. a jury awards this woman's family over $16 million after she dies in a radio contest for a video game. her husband joins us live in a "gma" exclusive. >>> and how do they walk away from this. another unbelievable crash. but technology once again saves the day and the driver. good morning, everyone. hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. i'm robin roberts with chris cuomo. diane is on assignment on this monday, november 2nd. believe it or not we are less than 24 hours away from another election day and there are a few big races we're keeping an eye on. >> no question. halloween may have been saturday but the democrats are worried about the fright that may come tomorrow. repuicans
. we're america. and our embassy doesn't get overrun and our people don't get taken hostage. >> i remember that everyone at that time wore yellow rib brokens in honor of those hostages. >> and every night they would say it's day five, day six, day seven, et cetera, of the hostage situation in iran. what started out at a hostage crisis game the defining failure of the cartered a mip vags ♪ i will survive >> so do i dare ask how old were you? >> sure. 19. >> coming of age. >> college sophomore. >> seven. >> it's gone down every time we've asked. >> no, i was -- >> you don't have to say. >> to, i don't mind saying. i was 14. my first year in high school. draw matt tick year. >> i was 13. i had just graduated high school. >> and you, sir? >> i'll have to do the math. it's too hard for me. i was six years out of college. and embarking on the early stages of a television career. >> you you had a lot of news that year. >> man, was there ever. >>> well, up next, from soda pop to pamper, we'll look at commercials from some of 1979 east hottest products when we come back. pace yourself. b
in their brains. if the american flag offends people in america, i suggest those people find a flag they like better and take the next flight one way to where that flag flies. [ applause ] i'd be in favor of taking some of bail-out and stimulus money that the government wants to spend and use it to stimulate people who hate the flag and bail them out in the country of their choice. it's said you can't cure being stupid. even government healthcare won't fix that. to those who don't like what the american flag represents, i have to wonder what is it about freedom that you find offensive? that flag represents the sacrifice of men and women who put on the uniform and given lives to empower us to know freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. they don't hate that flag. i'm grateful for it and what it represents. i proudly pledge my allegiance to that flag and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. for those who hold it in contempt -- [ applause ] -- i hope you do more than leave the gym.
that might surprise you which is why i came here. if i am angry in regards to what's going on in america on the new jersey gubernatorial race it's the pulling back or taking back of the homestead rebate that used to be given out along with living in burgan county paying some of the most highest r ridiculous taxes in t world. that's my anger. what will surprise you, i voted for corzine, i am probably voting for christie. >> christie this time. i think a lot of people, it goes back to what you are saying and you are saying and you are saying, i guess the question is, i was trying to get to this, how you many of you think the government should play that big a role in your life where they provide for you. how many think the government it's their role? >> i think there needs to be some degree of a happy medium. on the one hand people have to be more responsible for themselves and be more responsible for their income and livelihood, but at the same time i don't think that having these programs these title programs are such a bad idea. we are paying in to them. >> here's new jersey's taxes, tho
is why i came here. if i'm angry in regards to what's going on in america, i'm -- in the new jersey gubernatorial race, it's the pulling back or taking back of the homestead rebate that used to be given out, along with living in bergen county and paying some of the most highest and ridiculous taxes in the world. >> astronomical. >> right in, the world. that's my anger. what will surprise you is i voted for corzine. i'm probably voting for christie. >> for christie this time. >> correct. sean: i think a lot of people -- and it goes back to what you're saying and what you're saying and what you're saying. and i guess the question is -- and i was trying to get to this -- how many of you think the government should play that big a role in your life where they provide everything for you? how many think the government -- that's their role? how many think that we should be -- >> i don't think that we're seeing that at all. i think there needs to be some degree of happy-medium. people have to be more responsible for themselves and be more responsible for their income and their lufelyhood. b
] [laughter] ♪ ♪ god bless america land that i love >> while the choir performed -- ♪ >> bands play the end schaefer waived. >> [unintelligible] >> when the big moment finally came, the statue was unveiled. >> 3, 2, 1, here it is. >> the man was overcome. it is the 80th birthday, perhaps better than any other. -- it was his 88th birthday, perhaps better than any other. >> i started hearing a long time ago. i am going to take two more minutes because i saw somebody on. [laughter] -- i saw somebody yawn. [laughter] >> that was hardly all he had to say. we have much more coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> he is never at a loss for words. we have continuing coverage of the statute dedication on our website, you will find more of his remarks and the show from the ceremony. >> that is more like it. the baltimore ravens three-game losing streak is over. the sports director joins us live. great game. >> it is the kind of game that has the town reenergize by the ravens. there will have the all community team auction party tonight. several of the players of's nonprofit foundations will be
deployments of much of america's ground forces have brought a new focus to the signature was of these wars and on the psychological health of the force and their families. according to a rand study last year that could be more than 600,000 service members with tbi, ptsd or similar illnesses. some signs are apparent, severe depression or even suicide. others are more elusive than sometimes ill-defined. arriving in the form of nightmares, anxiety or unexplained and uncontrollable anger. other acts, seemingly unrelated, bear this in the mes indelible fingerprints. petty thefts, fights, spousal abuse, drug or alcohol abuse. today it is all too clear that tbi, post-traumatic stress and numerous other related mental ailments are widespread, entrenched and insidious. this department has over time realize military medicine must have the same expertise, focus and standards of excellence to address psychological wounds as we do for physical injuries. over the past two years the department of defense's made some significant steps in the right direction. starting with the budget, the fiscal year 2010
. >> they came to america for a better life. the pilgrims built a colony built plymouth. >> we are trying to make sure everybody has an equal opportunity in this country so the textbooks reflect that. james banks a leader in that area. >> james banks is the lead author of "we live together." he says banks was a prominent consultant for 1993's reflecting diversity. multi cultural guidelines for educational publishing professionals. >> he developed guidelines at that time for mcmillan-mcgraw hill in the early 1990s of how to depict male, female, ethnicities and it's just being careful in how you talk about things so that someone is not excluded. we're an inclusive nation. >> without curriculum intervention by teachers, the racial attitudes and behaviors of children become more negative. >> professor banks declined fox news reporting's request for an interview. >> none of the things that have been done in the name of multi culturallism have been shown to have had any effect whatsoever in terms of achievement for black and latino children. >> one of the origins goes back to the civil rights movement
as i said last night in terms of the big picture battle for the hearts and minds of america is the new york congressional race in which the withdrawing republican candidate dede scozzafava just endorsed the democrat bill o'reilly we knows over hoffman the conservative now favored by dede's fellow republicans and backed by tea party all star beck, hannity, limbaugh, palin, the washington times, the club grows and our own ann coulter who last night was saying nice things about dede scozzafava and her withdrawal but i would venture to guess -- let me get a statement from ann about whether or not you want to withdrawal your endorsement of her? >> technically what i said was for that one day only i would say nothing bad about her because of her withdrawing. >> you have the republican candidate -- >> the reason i don't think -- oo poo who is rejecting the conservative. >> the reason i don't think it changed anything from yesterday is she was polling at about 20e percent. i don't think we talked about this but i talked it off air with my friends. some percentage of the votes would go to democ
of america, i christen thee new york. >> the idea to melt the steel from the collapsed world trade center towers and use it to make a naval ship came from the city's former governor george pa tacky. >> we will be showing that new york is back, strong and symbol of our great people and great country. >> in 2002, the navy along with louisiana ship builders began expecting the steel from the world trade center site that was removed from ground zero and trucked to a landfill in statin island. they feel the steel was strong enough to be used. it helped build the bough of the 25,000-ton vessel. in august of 2005, ship builders were scheduled to take unscheduled break. the incomplete vessel was anchored on the mississippi river west of new orleans when hurricane katrina struck. the uss new york cost $1 billion to build. it's 684 feet long and 105 feet wide it can carry a crew of 360 sailors and up to 800 marines who can be delivered to shore by helicopters and landing craft. >> we have taken something that was pure evil that happened on that day, and now we have transformed that into this warshi
in america. >>> an honest wisconsin woman called 911 to report a dui in progress. so what's so unusual about that? well, she was reporting herself. >> clark county 911. >> somebody's really drunk driving down granton road. >> which way are they going? >> they are going -- >> towards granton. >> towards granton. >> are you behind them, or -- >> no, i am then. >> you am them? >> yes, i am them. >> okay. so you want to call and report that you're drog drunk? >> yes. >> the woman was issued a first offense citation for drunk driving. >> in a tradition dating back to 1952, thanks to lots of paint, an energy company transformed its 3 million gallon tank into the world's largest jack-o'-lantern. >>> police in minnesota auctioning off a motorized lazy boy chair and getting a shocking response for this. authorities seized this chair after the man who built it crashed it into a car while drunk. the motorized recliner is fetching more than just curious eyes. bidding on ebay is already up to $40,000. and here's why. the lazy boy is equipped with a radio, drink holder, and most importantly, a great story
stakes involved. we have fox team coverage in america's election headquarters, chief political correspondent carl cameron is in virginia where republicans are trying to take back the commonwealth. shannon bream is in new jersey, another target state for the g.o.p. and molly line starts us off in watertown, new york, with with a congressional race that is anything but politics as usual. >> good evening. a battle over the heart of the republican party in the 23rd congressional district here in new york was hit by a bombshell over the weekend. this three-party race is now a two-party contest. the republican candidate dropping out and endorsing the democrat. trailing in the polls and struggling to raise money, republican dede scozzafava suspended her campaign this weekend. >> i am guided by my faith, and i think in the end you got to do the right thing, and i think this is the right thing at this time. >> she released her supporters and then one day later shaking up the race again endorsed her former democratic rival bill owens over the conservative party candidate doug hoffman. it
. >> the fight for america's wallet is off to a bad start. first, the taxpayers just lost over $2 billion. cit went belly up over the weekend. the money that we lend to them is certainly gone. it could certainly go to 10% on friday, remember 15 states are already at 10% or above. this week we could see the government get more authority, tomorrow we have new car sales after the end of cash for clunkers, they could be falling off of a cliff. falling to a bad start, but running all week. martha: we have been watching the market going up, people starting to feel more confident that the worst is over, many folks are concerned that there is a second drop coming. is that what we are seeing in these numbers? >> and not yet. some economists are saying that you could get real weakness next spring, but after all there is 3.5% growth. wall street is doing fine, thank you very much. but unemployment, the housing crisis, and a lack of consumer spending is keeping things close to the ground. martha: there is concern that some of the money came from housing incentives? >> yes, much of that growth in the third
? >> absolutely not. we are obviously living in hard times. here's where he made commitments to the america people. first to strengthen the relationships with the rest of the world to solve common problems. we have made huge strides in that. secondly, to change the way washington works. obviously, the national republican party has made a political decision not based on principle but politics to oppose him. if you look at -- there's deep cynicism in american that their voices aren't heard, the lobbyists carry the day. president obama has a revolving door. for if first time everyone that goes to the white mouse will be released to rebuild trust. third, was that he was going to wake up every day fighting for the middle class and that's what he has do. creating or saving a million jobs. a tax cut to 95% of working families. keeping hundreds of thousands of people in their home expanding health care for children. >> you look at the polling, how much danger is the president and his party as we approach 2010 in a pretty bad anti-incumbent mood right now? >> well i would say r
&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, everybody. welcome back. 6:30. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. how long has it been since we have seen any sunshine? >> a long time. there were so many days we have not had much in the way of sunshine. nothing a bunton. tomorrow and the rest of the week, we will have a fair amount of sunshine. -- nothing abundant. upper 50's. west of town, looking for you. you get some sunshine. >> there has been a crash for anyone leaving waldorf on branch avenue. it is apparently out of the roadway now. very he
to put people to work doing the work that america needs done, but we are also in an era of fiscal constraint, which means we have got to start finding more creative new approaches to financing these projects. so those are the discussions we are going to be having. not just today but in the weeks and months to come. this is my administration's overriding focus, having brought the economy back from the brink. the question is how are we going to make sure that people are getting back to work and able to support their families? it is not going to happen overnight, but we will not rest until we are succeeding in generating the jobs that this economy needs. and i could not ask for a better group of people to bounce ideas off of, and we are going to be soliciting ideas from the private sector, from businesses large and small, from academia, and from all political persuasions. if somebody can show me a strategy that is going to work, then we are happy to consider it. for i want to end by saying this -- we anticipate that we are going to continue to see some job losses in the weeks and mon
in the world. a good point. stay with us for "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. updates any time, check out our website, >> thank for watching >>> just moments away -- >> it is election eve in the commonwealth. >> a night of fun ends in terror for three dale city girls. >> think of me and then make the right decision. >> a former police chief stops drunken drivers. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good monday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. " you had a funalloween weekend. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff and find out what we have in store. >> we have a pretty decent week in store for us. we do have some clouds. we picked up quite a bit of rain. southern maryland, over two inches of rain. it has been a wet stretch. we're not going to warm up too much. some of sunshine is possible routes to the west. adam is back in 10 minutes. let's say good morning to lisa baden.
jobs that anyone could have in law enforcement in america, and that is being the district attorney in new jersey, and this has given people the belief that i could actually be a good governor, so those kinds of questions are absolutely ridiculous, and if that is what the governor implies, he never said it when he voted for me in 2001 or he never said it in 2005 when he was falling all over himself when he was trying to take credit of my record when he was running for governor himself. neil: how much do you think this election in new jersey is about bigger things? the national economy? the jobless rate) a 10%? new jersey -- the jobless rate at 10%? >> in the end, this race is about me and jon corzine. jon corzine's record over the last four years, my record as the district attorney over the last seven years, and finally, what we hope to do for the future that our state will be affordable again, that our state will grow private-sector jobs again. i provide that help. the government provides more of the same. neil: of course, it is an industry that is still hurting, their fortunes tie
quarter and turning a profit in north america for the first time in four years. >> it's not only a nice profit, it's -- they generated cash, and they sold very well in the quarter, and they made money off what they sold. so that's -- that's a very good sign. >> how did ford do it? last quarter it cut costs by a billion dollars, operating more efficient plants, losing almost 5,000 jobs, while boosting revenue in the u.s. by $1.9 billion thanks to popular new models. cash for clunkers also helped. but ford's ceo says his company would have been profitable even without the clunkers program. >> we have been increasing our share in this down market every month for the last ten months, and actually increased our production. so we're on a preddy steady trajectory of growth now. >> reporter: ironically, being profitable could come as a cost, as ford negotiated a new contract with the united auto workers. today 70% of the union's rank and file rejected ford's later offer, which would also ban the uaw from striking over wages when the current contract expires, a concession many workers don't want
that i think still are standing in my way. but -- but you know, i like america. america is a wonderful country. and you know, and i wasn't down on multinationalism just because we seem to be forgetting how wonderful our own country is. you know, and we really have to help americans. you know, it's not just -- there are a lot of parts of america which should have a much better chance. >> rose: thank you for coming. >> thank you vy much. >> rose: james watson, for the hour. thank you for joining us. see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh
. these are not small issues. it is not written in stone that the united states of america will be as strong as we have been for the decades and centuries to come. you only have to be a casual student to understand that strong countries used to be strong em pirps have to renew themselves at moments of challenge. we led in the industrial revolution. we led in the information revolution. we have to lead in the green revolution and china and india and other countries are aggressively in that space. so this is what he's asking people to do is not necessarily thing that is the short-term benefit will be clear in the next election or the one after that or the one after that. washington has failed the country because they refuse to do the tough things that we all know we have to do. if we don't make the right progress on health care and energy, our economy is going to struggle for decades to come. >> all goals but you are in the politics business k. he take the message without suffering losses next year? >> well, everyone in washington wants to predict what happens next fall. this thing has 20 lifetimes. i th
for america. member keflezighi was the first american to win the new york city marathon in 27 years. this guy's story a great one. his fame emigrated from a war-torn part of east africa. he's kissing the ground after he won. goes around with the american flag. 34 years old, a star at ucla, i u.s. citizen in 1998 after battling injuries, ran the best race of his life, 26 miles in 2 hours, 9 minutes. >> after he finished did he start crying a little bit? >> absolutely. emotional day. >>> the wife and former girlfriend -- i'm sorry, a recent girlfriend of raiders' head coach tom cable claimed he used to beat them. both women say he has anger management issues. he acknowledged in a statement that he struck his wife with an open hand but said it was the only time it happened. his lawyer disputed the fairness of espn's report. nfl is still investigating allegations he hit an assistant coach. >>> lastly on halloween night, this is crazy. a bat got into the at&t center. a bat. the spurs coyote tries to go after it wearing a batman shirt. more on that in a second. ginobi ginobili, watch what he does.
for the rest of the week. 9 news now returns after this. america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. >>> tonight at 11:00, record numbers of people with nowhere else to go are pulling up in tents, camper and rvs at camp sites across the area. homeless campers, on 9 news now at 11:00. >>> david baker resigned as alexandria's police chief this summer, days after arlington police arrested him for drunk driving. after staying out of the public eye, baker now voluntarily appears in a youtube video warning about the dangers of drinking and driving. >> that moment in my life will forever haunt me. how in the heck did you get yourself in
is about how children from all over america are planting their own gardens. in my garden, i also have planted these sunflowers. i consider myself tall, but these sunflowers are much taller than i'll ever be. i also have these large zucchini plants. zucchini may not sound very appetizing but it is actually very tasty. if i can grow a garden, you can, too. i'm jack hennessey reporting for the "today" show and i've gone green. >> way to go, jack. is that really your guarden? >> yeah. i planted it all by myself, well, with the help of my grandparents but i grew it all over the summer by myself. >> cool. >> you're interested in maybe reporting about plants and also maybe recipes? are you thinking about what you can use your plants for? >> yeah. we already made two recipes with the zucchini plant. we made zucchini bread and fried zucchini and it's really, really tasty. >> good. >> and if you were our kid reporter, what is it you would like to do, report on? >> i would report on helping the environment and plants -- >> other issues about going green. >> i thought it was pretty cool the garde
to the home, with verizon wireless on americas's largest and most reliable 3g network. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v to get all four services, for just... plus an additional $150 back. only from verizon. >>> coming up tonight at 5, are you being exposed to germs when you take a metro? we ride the rails and we test everything even the escalators. >>> the new york yankees could cleanse their 2017 world series title on the road tonight. they are one win away. they rallied with three runs in the ninth inning. they hold a three games to one series lead. that is the first time i heard your opinion on the series. >> i read some extent. across the area, temperatures are in the 50's and 60's tomorrow the whole week is dry. >> thank you. thank you for joining us today. we will see you back here in the just as we promise 100% fresh produce... and rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender 100% of the time. at safeway, we now promise something new. something big. a commitment... to thousands of new everyday low prices. so you can get what you want. when you w
of $101 million worldwide. coming up on "good morning america," a massive meat recall was issued over the weekend. is e. coli spreading again and how can you protect yourself? that is on gma and that is your money scope report. i'm vnita niar. >>> good morning. it's monday p and 6:25. the sun is coming up shortly. but we're blocked by a lot of clouds. it will be bright out there. 54 degrees. remaining mostly cloudy and extra sun may slip through north and west in baltimore. 40 overnight and back to 60 and another cloudy day and overnight lows slipping into the 30s. we'll get into the mid-50s and actually drop lower, even though dry air to be expected friday into the weekend. we could have your first freeze of the weekend as well. >>> as we look here at 250 and 97, traffic is moving fantastic in both directions. i'm getting word of a new crash here in northbound 95 at 195. so use caution. in howard county, eastbound 132 approaching 95, that crash is being reported as car versus deer. you may experience minor delays as crews are late lifting this construction project and emergency crews
on the nation's largest 100% fiber optic network straight to the home, with verizon wireless on americas's largest and most reliable 3g network. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v to get all four services, for just... plus an additional $150 back. only from verizon. >>> a 2-year-old boy is dead tonight after he was found entangled in a drapery cord. good evening. police and neighbors in montgomery county are calling the death a tragic accident. kelly swoop joins us with details >> reporter: it is an awful story. the little boy was playing in the livingroom yesterday afternoon. according to police when he was discoered by family members around 3:00 he was unresponsive. neighbors say the boy was a joy to be around. investigators say he got the cord of the curtain wrapped around his neck. neighbors are still coming to grips with the news >> he was so friendly and bringing balls and he was just adorable. they are the nicest people. i can't imagine what they are going through >> reporter: now, police say the family members were there. this is not a c
network straight to the home, with verizon wireless on americas's largest and most reliable 3g network. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v to get all four services, for just... plus an additional $150 back. only from verizon. >>> tonight there is a couple who is hoping a there is a kid out there that find found something sparklely with their kit cats. she was giving out >> i'm disappoint. it is not like i'm the first of last person it ever happened to. i hope it fines its way back. >> we were thinking normally after halloween the kids everyonety their bags and buckets sort it out. hopefully some little kid's got a little stack with a diamond ring on it. >> her husband says she waited about a day to tell him her ring was missing. he wasn't mad. he just felt bad for her. >>> well, william schafer is at the site of his biggest project. how those living in baltimore are remembering his 50-plus years of public service. that's coming up on the news at 6:00 which starts right now. >>> a rape off the college park campus. alarmed students at the unive
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